Tick Control

Tick is a type of insect feeds on the blood of animals and it stays close to them. Tick is a variety of pests which bites human and animals. The tick when it bites to a human it causes reddish on the skin because it reacts on the feeding system in proteins of human. The tick can live below the 32-degree temperature in winter and it can wait for many days and week for their feed. Tick is hard to find them because they mostly stay outside in undergrowth areas.

An infestation of tick:

  • Tick is a dangerous insect when it bites human makes their skin reddish and makes itchy irritation.
  • Tick cause spreading many diseases, like spotted fever, Lyme disease and more.
  • Tick find hosts by their body temperature, heat and body movement.
  • The female tick wants to suck more blood to produce thousands of new populations.


Tick Control:

Tick is hard to find and remove when it comes into the home. Envieda will start using our treatment methods to find and control them in an effective way. Our professional PCO’s will deliver you a unique solution to get rid of the tick.

Envieda PCO will invite tick with our advanced technology treatment method, such as wooden areas or yard on a leaf and remove them easily. In only 160 hours of time Envieda PCO will find your tick problem and tell you’re the classification and behaviour of tick and deliver you a unique treatment.

Method of Tick Treatment

Envieda follows the given steps for tick control;

Step 1- A Complete Free Tick Inspection

Before any treatment of tick, it is necessary to find a tick and the behaviour that we can treat them according to their behaviour. Envieda PCO will do a complete inspection of your home to ensure the presence of tick in particular areas and current infestation problem level. The PCO can also check the spot you faced because of ticks that encourage then to feed more such as wooden items, long grass, and more moisture places of your home.

Step 2- Start Implementation

After completing the initial inspection our Technicon will let you know about our treatment procedure.  We can remove a tick by a given ride to them from your home by creating different areas in your home.

Step 3- A year rounded treatment

Envieda will advise you to stay safe from tick for the whole years even after our treatment is done. Because of weather changes, we suggest you can take treatment quarterly against tick in your home or office.