Termite Proofing

Termites costs billions of Rupees in damage each year in Pakistan. They primarily feed on wood,but also damage paper, books, insulation, and even swimming pool liners and filtration systems. Termites can injure living trees and shrubs, but more often are a secondary invader of woody plants already in decline. Termites cost billions of rupees in damages each year in Pakistan. Termites basically feed on
wood, but it also damages paper, books, insulation, and filtration systems. Termite damages trees and undergrowth, but mostly wooden items are decline because of it.Envieda Pest Management recommends a complete treatment for termite control using approved and verified chemicals to protect your home from the termite and its lose.Envieda pest management uses different chemical products for termite control which offers a warranty of five to ten years. The key of an effective termite control treatment it is must to create protected zone around the entire home to keep the termite away from your home. The treatment must fully border the entire home. Even the smallest open spot can also allow termite to enter in the home and start effecting it.The licensed and certified applicator must follow the pre-construction and post-construction direction for the use of the chemical for controlthe termite.

Termites Introduction

Termite is a unique bottomless insect injuring woods and damages to property. It is hard to find their prevention in advance but after their damages, they are seen. Termites are small, kind of ant insect but different and feed of wood. They live in the form of colonies and socially works together, their labour is divided into a caste system underground the soil.

  • Soldier –The soldier termites defend the colony and it contains 1-3 rd of the colony population.
  • Workers – These termites work for the construction of their colony by eating woods and other food sources. These workers are the majority in the population of a termite colony.
  • King or Queen –The queen or king of the colony stay underground the soil and it can live up to 10 years and producing thousands of new termites. Queen is also responsible to move and change the place of a colony or to build a new colony.


Termite Damages

  • Damage to the wall—For Termites Most favourites places are walls that damages by termites. We can control them with the help of proper inspection. Some common places like woodpiles, loose wooden, and damp places on walls.
  • Carpet infestation–Termite likes to stay close to the wood, so it takes place in carpet, frames and books. They reproduce in summer and in the last of spring season births to newborn colonies. They often stay in carpet and mostly found in the corners of the carpet. so, carpet is a great place to grow them.
  • Foundation damage–Termite damages the basic foundation of your homes and offices. Gaps and undergrowth woods allow termite to grow rapidly and injure the foundation of property underground. It takes time to control such kind of damages by termites. This reality helps us to focus on how dangerous termite is for us and how to prevent measure against them.

Termite Treatment Process

  1. Inspection

In our first step we identify the underground termite and their mud tubes. We suggest you to be as a homeowner to take and take round of your home effected by termite regularly. Termite create these tubes of dirt and other material to move through the ground layers and shell to make the possible source of their feed. An inspection allows us to identify and analyze the area damaged by termite.

  1. Removing Mud Tubes

After the first step of inspection, Envieda PCO will scrap and remove all the tubes throughout the home. This process is very necessary to start any treatment against termite. Removing tubes helps to kill termite easily and it not allow to re infestation in future.

  1. Direct Contact

In this step we use WHO, EPA approved chemicals against termite in underground which ensure to catch the termite completely.

  1. Back Filling

After applying chemicals, we fill back the whole and ditch to make sure the inhabitation and protection of termite from the outside.

  1. Establish Maintenance Plan

After the entire treatment we suggest you as homeowner to restructure the effected item, wooden furniture and maintain the environment.