Mosquito Control

Almost everyone has had the unpleasant experience of being bitten by a mosquito. In Pakistan, hundreds of peoples died due to dengue mosquito which is a type of mosquito in Pakistan.Envieda pest management provides full lawn treatment for the safety of your business, home, office and factory from mosquitos. We can guarantee a mosquito-free good environment at your place. Envieda’s flexible and comprehensive treatment allows you to decide how and when to schedule your home to make mosquito-free. Our all inspection is fully free and our consultants are available 27/7 for a free consultation. We have attested equipment and WHO approved products to use in a spray for mosquito control which allows us to guaranty you for the mosquito-free area. Mosquito Authority guarantees make it easy for you to get started and enjoy lasting mosquito lawn treatment.

You can learn about mosquito in detail practices and policies below.

Mosquito and their damages

Mosquito bites can cause skin irritation through an allergic reaction to the mosquito’s saliva – this is what causes the red bump and itching. But a more serious consequence of some mosquito bites may be the transmission of serious diseases and viruses such as malaria, dengue virus, Zika and West Nile virus, which can lead to disabling and potentially deadly effects (such as encephalitis, meningitis and microcephaly).

The mosquito has bitten almost every one of their unhappy involvement. In Pakistan, there is a type of mosquito called, dance mosquito which causes hundred of peoples death every year. Mosquito bites human which can irritate them and it make an allergic reaction after it bit that causes the red crash and itching. In many cases, it is more serious to see some mosquito bites cause too many serious diseases transmissions like malaria, dengue virus, zika virus, which reasons to disabling protentional against human death.

Mosquito Life Cycle Stages

Mosquitoes have four life cycle stages: egg, larva, pupa and adult. Here are the stages in more detail:


Eggs are normally laid at the same time and these eggs float on the surface of the water. Mosquito gives eggs at high speed on standing water with few hours. These eggs become larvae within 48 hours, so mosquito can birth many new mosquitos in a very short time

Larva (floaters):

Larva stays on the surface of water and breath on the surface of the water.  Mosquito shed their skin four times at least and grow bigger after each shedding.  Most larvae have tab tubes for breathing and likely to hang the surface of the water. Larvae all feed on microorganisms and many organics in the water. The larva changes into a pupa on the fourth shedding.


This stage is more resting and non-feeding for the pupa.  It takes only two days to become a pupa adult, once it becomes adult the pupa skin splits open and it changes into mosquito as an adult.

Adults (Fliers)

This newborn adult takes rest on the water surface till become to dry himself and then it makes his wing harder and change them to spread in out that can help him to fly.

Risky places of mosquito

Different classes of mosquitos tend to stay on standing water surface that can lay their eggs. The availably of fish and dragonfly in lakes, streams help mosquito body to relatively free of larvae. In addition, pool, tires, stairs, swamps, puddles are all breeding sites. Mosquito fully grows on the surface of the water.

Places where mosquitos lay their eggs are followed:

  • Trees Holes
  • Water on grassy loans
  • Water standing Toys
  • Plastic Covers
  • Potted plant trays and saucers
  • Small places like bottles