IPM Services

Integrated Pest Management is a strategy preferred to protect the human health and property by detecting pest and their damages though different combination of techniques. IPM is a technique, which focus on pest controlling with minimum use of chemicals. All the procedures and policies adopted in pest control will insure the human health and environment safety. IPM includes cultural Pest control, changing of practices for pest identification and guiding processes for safe and effective pest control by minimizing chemical usage.Envieda pest management provides best IPM services for pest controlling with latest human friendly procedures which not only safe you from harmful insects, but also ensure your health safety. We prefer those techniques which have minimal negative impression on your environment. Envieda pest management provides IPM services to overall corporate level, including restaurants,hospitals, school, universities, industries, food plants, and factories for their safe effective pest free environment.

IPM Program

IPM program consists of procedures and policies, which allows us for your safe and effective pest free environment.

  • Pest Identification
  •  Monitoring Infestation level
  •  Deciding the Action Time
  •  Identification of Pest Problem
  •  Treatment Selection
  •  Implementation
  •  Documentation
  •  Evaluation

How IPM Work?

Cultural Control

In cultural control those practices are adopted which minimize the pest growth,reproduction and their survival. In example we can say, changing the irrigation system of your home can be a good practice of reducing the pest problem, because most of insects grow and feed on water.

 Mechanical Control

Mechanical control is to directly install mechanical devices for pest control. For mechanical control Envieda pest management uses mechanical traps, bait box, glue traps to control pest at your premises.

Physical Control

Physical control consists of environment management, sterilization of soil and fill the gaps to enter the insects inside the home can help you to control pest. Envieda Pest Management suggest you to cover pest physically by analyzing the gaps and adopting best practices for environment at your home.

Chemical Control

The includes the usage of chemical for pest control. IPM means to apply the minimum chemicals when it is most necessary to use. Envieda Pest Management choose best quality approved chemical which is green approached and can ensure long term pest control. We always use WHO, and EPA recommended chemicals for pest control for all our client which ensure your health and environment safety.