Food Safety Service

Food Safety Trainings & Consultancy

whatever you are running small or large food business, food safety audits, and ragulations are checking and challenging your business. In pakistan Punjab food authority is one of the monitoring authority which inspect your business and make sure your environment for food safety.  In addition food safety is very important to provide effective and higenic foods to the human which can be benefit to the health.

Envieda food safety and consultancy helps you to know step[ of food saftey according to the industry, customer and to pass the standards of food audits. We proves professional and qualified Food safety officers which assist you for the safe and effective food and build your documents records according for the audit records.

Our FSO’s train your staff and help you to maintain a complete standard which not only improve your quality of service but also groom your business in terms of increase in sale.Our food safety officers also provides the food safety slabus and books to build a strong food sfatey environment.

We Helps you to prepare;

MSA, HACCP, GMP program development

Audit readiness assessments

Documentation development and compliance review

Facility review and assessment

Gap Analysis for food safety and quality programs

Manufacturing process review

Risk Management

Supply Chain Management

Regulatory and Industry Compliance Evaluation

Training for managers and staff at all levels

IPM Record Documents

Membership Certificates