Flies Control

Flies are types of insects having two wings that help them to fly. They are quick in flying. Flies can cause many types of problem like spreading human diseases like cholera and typhoid fever. To finish fly infestation is must to identify the spices of flies that helps to know their habits and feed they tend to use. Many flies are biting human that can cause a serious pain their small knife mouth.

The flies one big problem is they increase their population in hours that can create more damages to human health and food.

Flies Infestation:

  • Flies can transfer many kinds of diseases. It can be food poisoning and other diseases that flies are called to spread is cholera, dysentery and typhoid fever.
  • Flies can make lose of finance in case of infecting food items. The existence of flies can make a bad impression of the customer for a businessman who has food business and is infected with flies.
  • Many flies are biting human that can cause a serious pain their small knife mouth.
  • The flies one big problem is they increase their population in hours that can create more damages to human health and food.

How we control flies?

With our wide experience in pest control, we have the latest techniques for fly control. Envieda’s specialist throughout Pakistan are fully trained and utilize the latest technology for flies’ control.

Before a complete treatment, it is very necessary to identify the type of species of flies and how they are breeding. The identification can help you find the problem hey can create for you. Envieda Pest Management will apply different kinds of treatment methods for fly control are as follows:

  • Insect light traps
  • Fly Exclusion Treatment
  • Liquid Spray Applications
  • Fly control Baits
  • Improving Sanitation System
  • Electrical Fly killer
  • Sprayers
  • Foggers
  • Powders

Types of flies:


Horseflies are unique in fly’s pest library. Insistent biting of females causes in decreasing weight gain in few animals. An adult horsefly can be up to 25 mm long and it is black to dark brown colour with green or black in eyes.  The male horse fly has connecting eyes that easily separate them to recognize them from all other types of flies. The horsefly bite can be painful because the shape of the mouth is like a small knife and application of pest control product.

Bluebottle Fly:

Bluebottle flies also known as blowfly. They tend to fly near the garbage. These flies are attracted mostly to dead animals and pet faces. The adult bluebottle fly has a size of 1/4 –1/2 in length. The colour of bluebottle fly is a metallic clue in look. The larva takes seven to twelve days to get mature. it is dangerous to spread the disease to a human.

Cluster Fly:

Cluster fly tends to be quiet and it takes places in the undisturbed part of your home, like attics and walls. They want deep winter places to get sleep for a long time. The colour of the cluster fly is dark grey with golden brown hairs. The length of cluster fly is from six to ten mm and his wings connect when sleep. The cluster fly is comparatively slow in flight.

Sand Fly:

The sand flies can be seen in the month of April to September. These flies mostly stay at dirty water under the shades of trees. In sandflies, the female likes to lay the eggs in soggy soil and in the water. The adult sand fly has a size of 10 to 11mm long with light grey colour on their body. The sandfly eyes are brown and their legs are dark reddish and brown. 

Fruit Fly:

The fruit fly is a type of flies that are mostly found crowding fruit or found around fruit plots and vegetables. The fruit fly has a size of 3mm, with yellow-brown colour. They mostly fly down because of their slow speed.

House Fly:

The housefly is most dangerous to spread diseases in human. The house fly can infest all kinds of sites. They are grey coloured with four thin lines and covered with the small hairs that help them to taste tissues. The house fly has great eyesight and can have a wide range of eye vision. The adult size of a house fly is almost 5-8mm in length. They are attracted to all kinds of foods, like pet food, fruits, vegetables, even faces. Larva colour is off white and light is appointed on his head with two spots at the hind end.

Drain Fly:

Drain fly is mostly linked with dirty beds, where their larvae can feed on mud-like matter. The drain fly has many other names like sewage fly and moth fly. The drain fly has 2mm size. They have a dark colour which mostly looks like grey shade. The drain fly wings are covered tightly in the hairs and held it when in the mood to take rest.