Cockroach Control

Cockroach in the short form is called roaches. Cockroaches are kind of insects which indented by their legs and long antennae. Cockroach is so tough insects. They have good ability to grow quickly and makes very professional productions. To control cockroach, it is very necessary to take treatment that can get rid of it.

Cockroach may allergy to many of peoples after their common exposure. Cockroach play role for various diseases in human-like dysentery, typhoid fever and cholera. Envieda pest management take care of you from cockroach with there best techniques and guaranty you for your safe environment

Types of cockroaches:

Although there are numerous species of roaches around the planet, the ones that are most common for homeowners are:

There are various kinds of species of cockroaches around the earth, the most common types are as follows:

  • German Cockroach

                    This kind of cockroach most likely to live and breed inside and mostly around your kitchen and bathroom. The adult German cockroach have wings but they cannot fly. These cockroaches are a fast runner on the earth, moves very quickly around their stay area.

  • American Cockroach-

               The American cockroach is mostly found in the basements and kitchen, but it like to stay outdoor around trees and feed there this type of cockroach have very much sensitivity to the female cockroach, this makes the male dedication to female. The American female can produce ten new cockroaches after a mating. A female can produce after each six to seven days. Foods are the most favourite game for an American cockroach to get it over.

  • Oriented Cockroach-

                 It is dark black and brown in their colour look and their most favourite place is cool, damps and garbages.

  • Asian Cockroach-

                    The Asian cockroach colour is dark brown and they have dark stripes behind their heads. The Asian cockroach can grow up to five to eight of an inch. The Asian cockroach when finding good places they tend to stay and take control over there. They are mostly active at dust, and attractive to light colours. You will see them sitting on the light shades.  In addition, these cockroaches because of their behaviour come together with other cockroaches outdoor areas on the face of animals.

  • Cuban Cockroach-

                 Cuban cockroach is colour of lime green and the adult measurement size three-quarter inch to one inch in length. The Cuban cockroach doest feed inside the home but it only stay outside and they are mostly active at night and flies on the lights on buildings.

  • Wooden Cockroach-

                  Wooden Cockroach is the colour of chestnut brown and it is flat, having long antennae and spiny legs. An adult wooden cockroach measurement size is between three quarter to 1.25 inches in length.  Wooden cockroach stays outside the home it comes with the stroll get carried into the home. The male cockroach appears tan because of their wings and female are all wingless. This type of cockroach-like moisture environment that they can grow up and increase their population.