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About Envieda

Envieda Pest Management is a professionally certified and assured company providing pest control

Envieda Pest Management is a professionally certified and assured company providing pest control, analyzing and prevention services to commercial, industrial and domestic customers in Pakistan. We are constantly motivated for enhancement to provide peace of mind to our community by protecting and preserving health and property through state-of-art professional services for residential and commercial clients. Our services and procedures for pest control and eradication, which leads to high values and success rates of all our services.

Our 24/7 service and low pricing system, conditional on the level of infestation and the size of the properties treated, allows us to deliver high standard and quality professional pest control services at reasonable prices, without the limitations of daily working hours.

Our first priority is always our customer’s health. this is why we always complete two forms – for risk assessment and health and safety, prior to commencing any treatments. all of the products we use are professional, legally-compliant and approved by the most reputable organizations in the pest control industry

All our services are fully compliant with the relevant Pakistan Government and international legislation for the pest control industry.  whether it is an insect, rodent or bird infestation that we will be tackling, our team of trained and experienced pest technicians will always consider your health first when choosing the methods for control, prevention and eradication of the pest infestation.

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Envieda Pest Management is frequently motivated for development to give peace of mind to our society by defending health and property by professional services for commercial and residential customers. We deal in pest control services, chemicals, equipment’s and cleaning liquids which lead to high standards and achievement of all our services.


Our mission is to be a leader in the pest control industry by providing quality pest control service at affordable prices, with highly motivated and trained staff, at all times willing to deliver exceptional professional (safe, quality, punctual, friendly) service through environmentally prudent pest control practices. We thrive to protect businesses by combining and understanding of customer needs along with scientific knowledge of pests.


Envieda Pest Management is fully dedicated to high standards in all aspects of business. We use best material and have best team to develop training to improve good opportunities. We provide safe and effective pest control system.


We are leading our industry and society to serve for the best for human health and safety. We deliver high standard and quality service. We build trust with our clients by giving good quality services.


We work together to accomplish our goals. Showing respect to our clients and to adopt ever changing environment we communicate and work always together.


Being a profitable company, it allows us to reinvest in our equipment’s, procedures, policies and help us to grow in the industry. It gives growth and opportunities to give back to the community


We are motivated to grow our industry by developing latest technologies and techniques. We believe growth is the key security and opportunity for the long-term growth of company and industry


We celebrate success and rewarding the achievements of employees. It motivates employees and team to work with more motivation for the better achievement of company goals.

Why You Need Professional Pest Control?

  • Government regulations say that you need to see areas free from pests & vermin.
  • If You don’t adhere to regulations the government should fine you up to 10 lakh & 6-month prison.
  • Customer who gets sick as a result of pest infestation can take legal action against you.
  • Food authority can make media action against you. They can publish your personal & business Information on newspaper & also telecast on televisions.
  • Government regulations say that you need to see areas free from pests & vermin.
  • As a result of pest infestation or food, the authority didn’t found IPM from your premises their legal action damage your reputation.
  • It can cost you money by eating & contaminating food, damaging your building and making staff and costumers sick.

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